Tucson Elopement and Portrait Photographer | Micah + Mackenzie

December 23, 2016
Micah contacted me about an engagement session just a few days ago. Having already completed my last session a week back, I was fully on vacation mode. I didn't think I w...
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Tucson Family + Portrait Photographer | Megan in Natural Light

December 19, 2016
It was such an honor to shoot along side Shawna Cadwell (Shawna Cadwell Photography) and Andi O'Bert (Andrea Obert Photography) this weekend. They are both such amazing a...
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Tucson Family + Children Portrait Photographer | Krystine Family

December 03, 2016
This sweet mama and her 2 loves came to me for a mini session. She hasn't had a family photo done since her littlest was just an infant. Isn't it faith that they are at t...
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Tucson Family + Children Portrait Photographer | Hurand Family

November 20, 2016
Family sessions set my soul on fire. I love every minute of it. I see each new friend that I meet as my own family. Spending time and capturing their every moment. Every...
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Tucson Wedding + Portrait Photographer | J Bridal Editorial

November 15, 2016
Kimberly Fyffe, Kimberly Fyffe Photography along with Eva Reyerson, Eva Reyerson Photography and I met over the weekend for a fun stylized shoot. Our model, Rachel Haimow...
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